Admission open for the new session 
Message From Media School

Through a creative and hands-on course structure, students get exposure to rigorous practical skills and theoretical insight as they learn from the media professionals, expert and academics. We offer quality education on affordable price. We aim at developing skills and capability of our students to relate their classroom knowledge with practical day-to-day experience and achieve maximum potential to be able to explore their career in the media sector.

School journalism course

The course is designed in the simple and effective way which helps the student in their personal development as well as their course. Contents of the course of study are very helpful to create educational environment. Apart from the regular study, the school needs extra curricular activities from their students and this course is designed to dig out the potentiality and creativity from the students.

As we know that journalism is fourth organ of state which always stands for the civilized society. We have to make social and civilized citizen of the nation. After the completion of this course, the students will be able to publish a magazine which enables creativity of students within the norms and values of journalism.